Best Male Enhancement for Stamina: 6 Top Methods


coupleSexuality is a multifaceted, critical feature of life and marriage. Unlike other aspects like health, sexuality is sort of a gray area, where there is no conclusive way, level of stamina, or range of frequency that can be considered within normal.

For most couples, sexuality is greatly affected by the stamina of either or both partners. There can be many reasons why a man’s stamina gets too low – physical conditions, emotional problems, medications and stress. In an effort to level up physical strength, men resort to some of the best male enhancement for stamina.

Best Male Enhancement Methods for Stamina

While there are many medications and methods available to increase stamina or libido, many men prefer the natural practices. Some of the natural ways for best male enhancement for stamina include the ingestion of foods, spices and supplements. In addition, exercise, meditation and relaxation techniques help. Men should also get sufficient sleep and rest, and regulate their vices, like drinking and smoking.

1. Eat Testosterone-Rich Foods

bananaForbes Magazine published an article about certain foods known to enhance stamina. One of the foods mentioned was avocado, which is known to boost male libido by increasing hormone production.

Banana is also another fruit mentioned, which is rich in testosterone-producing vitamins. Consuming asparagus daily also results in improved libido. Asparagus has a high testosterone content; hence it can boost a man’s sex drive.

Another stamina-booster food that is commonly consumed by people of all ages is chocolate. Studies revealed that chocolate contains a mineral known as theobromine, an alkaloid very similar to caffeine, and phenylethylamine, a chemical thought to create the feeling of being in love.

2. Sprinkle on the Spices

Cumin, cayenne pepper, chili peppers and curry are among the most recommended spices that can be added to meals to improve penile blood flow and enhance libido. These spices not only increase blood flow, but also make a man’s sexual organs more sensitive. In addition, fenugreek seeds, cardamom, clove, fennel, ginseng, saffron, nutmeg, garlic and ginger are other spices that help raise sex drive, the Times of India reports.

3. Stock up on Supplements

omega 3Supplements, particularly B vitamins and omega-3, are known to have a positive impact on increasing a man’s stamina. Vitamin B functions in the regulation of sex organs, release of sex hormones and relief of anxiety.

Deficiency in vitamin B leads to fatigue and lethargy. On the other hand, Omega 3 acids are the building blocks of sex hormones. They also facilitate in sexual response by raising dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a central neurotransmitter that controls sexual behavior. Take these supplements once daily for increased sex drive.

4. Try Exercise Techniques

According to various studies, physical fitness undeniably affects the intensity and quality of sexual behavior. Regular exercise results in elevation in the testosterone levels, enhanced blood flow, and improved orgasms. The following are various exercise that help improve a man’s libido or stamina.

  • Weight liftingWeight Lifting.Weight lifting causes the body to produce testosterone, a precursor of male sex drive. This was backed by a study that concluded short and intense exercises, such as weight lifting resulted in increased testosterone levels.
  • Push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches are some other recommended weight-lifting exercises can lead to better sex life by strengthening the chest, abs, and shoulders. Sturdy upper body strength also helps in improving stamina since these muscles are used during sex.
  • Kegels. A popular exercise in pregnant women, Kegels workout is also beneficial to men by helping them tone the pubococcygeus muscles – muscles that control the flow of urine. Furthermore, Kegels exercise strengthens the muscles in the body’s pelvic floor. Kegels also helps postpone ejaculation by constricting the muscles before orgasm leading to better sexual experience.
  • Yoga. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise. Popularized in India, yoga works on strength and flexibility of muscles, giving a man better sexual experience by allowing his body to get into different positions for heightened pleasure during intercourse. Experts added that yoga helps in improving stamina by drawing an individual’s energy. Specific yoga poses that improve pelvic muscles are Shoulder Stand, Peacock Pose and the Bow Pose.
  • Fast Walking. A study conducted by Harvard University disclosed that aerobic exercises cut the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30 percent. Brisk walking is believed to help erectile dysfunction by enhancing circulation and blood flow to the penis. Fast walking, running and other aerobic exercises help a man’s sex life for the same rationale that they inhibit heart attacks.

5. Regulate Those Vices

smokingAccording to the page,, smoking and alcohol consumption can cause penile tissues to shrink. While studies advocate that a small amount of red wine can enhance circulation, excessive alcohol intake has antagonistic effects.

On the other hand, smoking and drug use have been linked to decreased stamina, and even impotence.Substituting vices with healthy habits, like eating well and exercise activities, can restore sexual problems and improve performance in bed.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best male enhancement for stamina method you can use. Substituting vices with healthy habits, like eating well and exercise activities, can restore sexual problems and improve performance in bed. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best male enhancement for stamina method you can use.

6. Get Enough Sleep

A man’s body is a testosterone factory with its production taking place at night of undisturbed sleep. Sleep specialists express that sleep-deprived men have decreased libidos and less interest in sex. Getting enough sleep at night then helps improve overall mood, relieve stress and enhance all other activities that follow.

There are a lot of stamina-boosting male enhancement methods available in the market. However, men can attain ultimate energy levels utilizing natural methods. Chronic use of synthetic drugs is not always beneficial and otherwise, affect the body negatively in the long run. With a healthy regimen program, men can achieve their sexual goals without the fear of complications that result from the adverse effects of medications.


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