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Green manure is a technique frequently used in agriculture which allows to enrich the soil of organic substance and it is particularly useful in vine cultivation.It is used to give the soil the nourishments of the planted spieces which will be cutted down and interred at the end of their growth. Thanks to green manure the soil is not only fertilized it is also more stable helping it to hold water and decreasing the erosion. There are also benefits in preventing parasites and weed. The choise of the type is very important in order to set the nourishments, it must be targetd and does not have to counteract the cultivation. In vine cultivation people normally prefer grasses which are more resistent, don’t require too much water and grow rapidly. It is, in any case, recommended to use more than one type in order to take advantage from different plants like for exsample Lolium, Festuca, Trifolium.




A sparkling white wine made of Glera with an ancient production method: a natural and spontaneous secondary fermentation in bottle. Non Filtrato or “sur lie” or “col fondo” is a wine created to be different ( And it is really. Its naturalness is its main characteristics. A soft pressing of the grapes, Glera in purity, and a static cold clarification make the productive process start. A two steps fermentation: the first one in steel with selected yeasts at controlled temperature for five months on noble marc; the second one in bottle, where wine complete its fermentation transforming sugar in alcohol and CO2. This wine can be distributed few months after a short resting in bottle and give its best after some years too. A pleasant turbidity, due to the deposit of yearns in the bottom, characterizes the aspect of a wine that changes and develop day by day, revealing in time an interesting organoleptic complexity. Its bouquet combines fruity perfumes with the classic aroma of crust and its taste offers a discrete and well-balanced body and a pleasant acidity.

Curious? Discover our Non Filtrato and let yourselves be tempted

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