42 Witty and Fun Facts About Sex: Make Your Partner Laugh, Too


42 Witty and Fun Facts About Sex: Make Your Partner Laugh, Too
sexYour bodies keep on surprising you when you expect it the least. You can’t deny that every action you perform makes you more and more fascinated with the strange and hidden capabilities of the human body. So, why should you ignore the activity which leaves you all hot and bothered? Yes, we are talking about sex.

While tabloid journalists are obsessed with some random fun facts about sex, no one until date has been able to create a comprehensive list of facts which would make for some ideal post sex reading material. Are you prepared for such an epic list?

Keep reading as you are going to know a lot of dirty secrets at the end of this article. Let’s dive straight into the list of strange and fascinating facts about sex, shall we?

1. The Sperm Factor in Fun Facts About Sex

Did you know that a teaspoon of your semen has about 300 million sperm, on average? Before you can say, “whoa,” here’s another shocker. Those tiny sperms are capable of remaining active within your body for about a week, and it takes only one of those to fertilize a female egg. Interesting fun facts about sex, right?

2. Interesting Facts About Sex: Who Gets the Longest Orgasm?

If you are a woman, be prepared to don the crown of the winner, as it has been scientifically proven that the orgasms experienced by women lasts near about 20 seconds, a whopping 14 seconds longer than the male orgasm. How’s that for fascinating facts?

3. Facts About Kissing: Avoid Colorado

kissIt is apparently the law in Colorado that you cannot kiss a woman who is sleeping. But we wonder, how can the government know about what goes on behind closed doors?

Are there any hidden cameras the people of Colorado are unaware of? As fun facts about kissing go, this surely tops the list.

4. On Weird Sex Facts Today: The Nosy Business

Did you know that when your body experiences the heights of pleasure during sexual intercourse, along with your genitals and breasts, your nose also swells up? No one knows the reason behind this weird fact about sex, but researchers presume that it results from the increased flow of blood whilst you engage in sexual activities.

There are many more weird sex facts coming up, so keep reading. 

5. Are Celebrities Like Us?

Being a woman comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. But are celebrities also the same?

Marilyn Monroe once divulged to a friend that she had never experienced an orgasm during intercourse in spite of having a troupe of lovers and three husbands. Some men should take tips on “how to satisfy a woman sexually.” 

6. Interesting Sex Facts: That Chocolate Ecstasy

chocolateHave you often wondered why you get ready when you watch those chocolate commercials where the actress takes her time licking the molten chocolate off her fingertips?

The fact that eating chocolates stimulates the production of the same endorphins which are produced during sex seems to hold the clue to your chocolate cravings. 

7. Ithyphallophobia: What is That?

Those people who suffer from a strong fear of seeing, having or thinking about an erect penis have this weird fear named ithyphallophobia. Why would someone fear a penis, we wonder?

8. Fascinating Facts on the Avocado Saga

The Aztec culture might have been famous for various reasons, but few know that the Aztec civilization attributed sexual potency to avocados. If you are rolling on the floor with laughter on hearing this funny fact, gear up for what’s coming next.

The Aztec people prohibited virgins from coming in contact with avocados with the fear that they might lose their virginity with avocados. No wonder they became extinct so soon. 

9. Women, Those Frisky Devils

homosexualPopular culture considers men to be charged with a higher sexual urgency and more susceptible to commit adultery, but the reality and researched facts show different facts.

When the researchers of Queen University in Ontario asked straight women about their sexual preferences, most of them claimed to be attracted specifically to men. But when they were shown slides pertaining to animal, homosexual and heterosexual sex, they seemed to be turned on by the sexual stimuli. 

10. Who Said the Bookworm Had to Be Boring?

Before you shrug off the reading habits of your more bookworm friends, let us divulge one of their dirty secrets.

Studies have shown that those women who nurture the habit of reading romance novels are twice as likely to have sex, in comparison to their less intellectually inclined friends. So, when are you making the trip to the bookstore?

11. Pumpkin: The Well Hidden Aphrodisiac

pumpkinsThe smell and taste treatment, and research foundation of Chicago conducted a study, which revealed that the earthy and musty smell of pumpkins acted as a male aphrodisiac by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. This explains why your man gets so excited around thanksgiving time, doesn’t it?

If you are searching for more information on sex libido, just visit this webpage. 

12. Who Knew Your Sex Life and Salary Were Best Friends?

A researcher belonging to the Anglia Ruskin University had the crazy idea of studying the relationship between a person’s sex life and his salary in a study spanning one year. He focused on the finances of some specific Greek households.

At the end of the year, he found out that the people who had sex for three or more times in a week earned significantly more than those who were sexually inactive. Not only that, if the wife earned more than her husband, the latter was likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in time. This one surely fits the bill of weird sex facts. 

13. The Adulteress Period

Your girl might be the most faithful person you have ever met, but she might be experiencing a strong desire during the phase when she is ovulating in her cycle provided if you are not with her. Now, don’t get angry. It is only because her body instinctively desires to fertilize her ovulated egg during this time period, nothing else. 

14. Never Say “Die” When Sex Is Concerned

without intercourseFerrets are such naughty creatures. If a female ferret is unable to engage in any kind of sexual activity in a year, it would die.

Thank god the human female gender is able to withstand long periods without intercourse with fortitude, or who knows what might have happened? 

15. Interesting Fun Fact: The G-Spot Nomenclature

When we are talking about interesting facts about sex, it would be wrong and unfair if we didn’t honor the person who named the G-spot, Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg. We have him to thank for celebrating and valuing the feminine sexual agency.

For those of you living under a rock, the G-spot is the magical, sensitive and delicate area inside a woman’s vagina some inches behind the pubic bone, which holds the key to your girl’s sexual happiness. 

16. The Penis Dilemma: The Small Need Love Also

Every year the hipsters celebrate a small penis contest in Brooklyn in order to emphasize that small penises need attention and love, too. Whether the organizers are being ironic or serious, we will never know. 

17. The Virginity Crisis

If you are a teenage girl between the age of 15 and 19, this is one of the interesting sex facts just for you. Most often than not, girls of your age group tend to lose their virginity by the time they reach 17, and tend to regret it immediately afterwards.

You know what they say about hasty decisions. However, if you have crossed the threshold of the age of 24 without losing your virginity, you are likely to retain it a while longer. 

18. Sex as a Workout

fitnessWhy spend money and time on a gym membership, when you can have sex instead? Science has finally and definitely proven that sex burns about 100 to 200 calories on an average, if you do it for half an hour at a stretch. However, if you are a woman, you might need to put in some effort for fitness after all since girls lose only 69 calories during sex.

Not only that, some people have also claimed to experience orgasms while they were working out. How’s that for weird facts about sex? 

19. The Cuddling Conundrum

Years of watching romantic comedies might have taught you that the cuddling after sex makes intercourse all the more worthwhile. But strangely, when a poll was conducted, it showed that about 36 percent of the total population who had sex checked their social media accounts after getting busy in bed.

The rest participated in miscellaneous activities such as sleeping, reading books, cooking or chatting to their partner. 

20. The Wow Factor In Vibrators

Vibrators might have become your favorite gadget after you started using them while masturbating. But, did you know that a scientist had originally invented it in the 19th century, and he ardently believed that it could cure hysteria?

As crazy as this fact about masturbation sounds, one cannot completely discard it, given their own personal experiences. 

21. The Big ‘O’ Benefit

OrgasmsOrgasms have eternally remained a controversial topic when it comes to intercourse. While some women claim that they experience orgasms every time they engage in any kind of sexual activity, others seem to have been missing the hypothetical gene, which causes orgasms.

But studies have shown that orgasms are about so much more than pleasure. Orgasms cure depression and reduce the risk of breast cancer, strokes and other heart related diseases. This is one more reason to give it your best. 

22. Crocodile Contraception

The Egyptians have always been a strange civilization. The Egyptian women in the ancient times apparently used crocodile dung as a mode of contraception. Scientists have conjectured that the dung has alkaline properties, which make it an effective spermicide. But, we think it had more to do with the awful smell which functioned as a major turn off for both parties. How did they gather the dung in the first place, however? 

23. The Brain-Sex Correlation

Were you under the wrong impression that the brain sends some signals to your nether regions on the reception of some stimuli, and you magically get aroused?

It is true to an extent, but when the Rutgers university researchers used FMRI scanners in order to determine what the brain had to do with sex, they found out that different parts of the brain got activated when the clitoris, nipples, cervix and vagina were stimulated independently. 

24. The Size Dilemma in Pleasure

sizeAs popular myth goes, the larger the penis, the more would be the pleasure. However, with the advancement in studies in the field of gynecology, doctors have been able to discover that, though the average penis size is usually 5.6 inches, it has little or no significance when it comes to sexual pleasure.

The duration of foreplay influences the sexual pleasure more often than not. 

25. Vamping Up Varsity

A study once showed that the varsity athletes had sex significantly more often than others. Though the study couldn’t come up with any concrete explanation as to why that might be the case, we guess it might be because of the flexible and fit body. The heat doesn’t hurt either, right? 

26. Loving Yourself is Not Advisable

Are you planning to visit Indonesia sometime in the near future? You better be cautious, because masturbating is banned in this country. Before you shrug off this rule as one of those crazy laws the government comes up with when they have nothing to do, just stop and think of the consequences.

The punishment for flouting this law is nothing less than decapitation. Who knew facts about masturbation could be so gloomy? 

27. A Biology Lesson

If you remember your school days, you might remember that your teacher got all flustered when teaching you about the reproductive organs and somehow managed to blurt out that penises became erect when blood flowed into it.

But have you ever wondered how much blood was actually needed to make something so soft, rock hard?  It is because two measly tablespoons of blood are enough to make the penis stand erect. Surprising, isn’t it? 

28. That Big Belly is Awesome

overweightHave you been pestering your boyfriend to work out and shed those extra pounds? What we are going to say next might change your entire thought process overnight.

A Turkish study in 2010, which analyzed the performance of diverse kinds of men in bed throughout the year, found out that those who were overweight could last about three times longer than average healthy men. Time to get those doughnuts delivered, right? 

29. Who Cursed the Penis?

Whenever we come across the word, “curse,” we tend to imagine an intimidating witch waving her crooked wand at us, right? But the Greek people took it one step further.

A lead tablet discovered from Greek island had the sentence “may your penis hurt when you make love” inscribed on it. We can only imagine the fate of the person who discovered it.

30. What Did Donald Do?

Finland managed to ban Donald Duck just because he didn’t worry about wearing pants. What were they thinking? Donald duck would impregnate everyone with his fluffy bottom? This is the height of ridiculousness. 

31. Karma Gets You Sooner or Later

heart attacksPeople dying from heart attacks are a fairly common phenomenon. But specifically, the majority of men, of which about 85 percent who suffered a similar fate were discovered to have been cheating on their wives in some twisted way or another.

It was as if the human body was so disgusted that it took revenge on itself in such an ironic manner. Fun facts about the human body were never so hilarious.

32. Fun Facts About Sexting: The Reason Behind It All

A poll with the aim of discovering the reason for people engaging in sexting, found out that only 12 percent of the people do it due to peer pressure, while 34 percent do it so that they can feel cool, beautiful and sexy at the same time. The biggest surprise: the majority of the population, amounting to an astounding 40 percent, do it for fun. 

33. The Fetish Diaries

We all have some strange fetishes when it comes to sex, even though we might not accept it in front of our closest friends. However, the psychologists revealed that, when it comes to the western civilization, foot and shoe sexual fetishes are the most prevalent. Don’t people have smelly feet, though?

34. Household Chores Do Nothing for Men

cookingWhile girls can spend most of their days salivating over pictures of bare bodied men cooking up a storm or cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, the effect on men is quite different.

Studies have shown that, when men engage in any kind of housework, they rarely have the drive to shake your world in the bedroom afterwards. You probably have to tackle those chores on your own. 

35. Sex, the Arch Enemy of Toilet Activities

It is sometimes hard to pee right after you have had sex. Why, you wonder? Apparently, when you orgasm, your body releases an anti-diuretic hormone which doesn’t allow you to pee as easily as before. Beware of not holding it in for too long, or else you might be risking a nasty infection. 

36. The Stretchy Success

The regular vagina might simply be four inches in length, but you don’t have to be an expert in rocket science to figure out that the vagina becomes very stretchy during childbirth, in order to allow for the easy passage of the baby. However, this expansion also occurs in order to accommodate the penis when you are adequately aroused.

This might be one of reasons why not all women experience pain when they lose their virginity for the first time.

37. Kinky is the New Healthy

kinkyBefore you frown upon the people who engage in BDSM and use chains and whips regularly in the bedroom, you should wait to hear what the psychologists say.

The kinky people are likely to be more psychologically stable than those of you who have sex in the missionary position every day. This makes “50 Shades of Grey” makes sense, after all. 

38. God Bless Evolution

The Neanderthals used to have penises with spines. Thank God, evolution improved things a bit.

39. The Brain is Somewhat Useless, Really

The signals, which cause ejaculation in the male and the female bodies, actually come from the spinal cord. The brain is just used to stealing all the attention.

40. Sperm, the DNA Storehouse

DNAWhy would you need a pen drive when you have got millions of sperms just waiting to be unleashed? Reportedly, a single sperm is able to store about 37.5 MB worth of DNA information. 

41. Those Dreamy Eyes, That Perfect Smile

You might love the type of men who have a profession with a salary you swoon over, but the sight of a creative man at action might still leave you weak in the knees if studies are to be believed.

Beware of those artists and poets. You never know when they might steal your heart.

42. The Muscle Power in Kissing

Your 112 postural and 34 facial muscles have to be in complete synergy in order for you to experience that perfect romantic kiss. We bet you weren’t looking for a facial workout when searching for facts about kissing.

We hope you had a fun time going through our list of fun facts about sex. Now that you are finished with it, why not put some of your newfound knowledge to test?


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