The Best Male Enhancement Exercises You Need to Know


penis sizeThey say it’s the performance that matters and not the size. This statement may indeed be true however before you can capture the attention of a woman; you must bear in mind that some women may not be interested if a man doesn’t have the right package.

What are the best male enhancement exercises one can do to capture a woman?s attention? There are a lot that are proven effective.

Remember that a male’s sexual organ is made up of muscles and just like your biceps, triceps and other muscles in the body, you can simply enlarge it through proper exercises. Aside from capturing women’s attention, you can perform male enhancement exercises to boost your self esteem, to develop your confidence and to comfortably wear underwear’s without getting too conscious.

What are the Best Male Enhancement Exercises?

jelqingBecause performance comes in the latter part, men must make an extra effort to impress women and the need to undergo a penis enlargement could be the only option. So to show that you don’t have to undergo any surgery to increase your manhood size, remember the following natural male enlargement exercises you can do at home that won’t even cost you any penny.

  • Penis Stretching
  • Ballooning
  • Jelqing
  • Kegel or the PC Exercise

The best male enhancement exercises are done with precaution. You do not simply do it however you want it without proper knowledge as this could lead to injury. The right technique must be observed in order to achieve the best result. You may not need any prescription from a doctor however it is still best to know what you’re doing since these penis enlargement routine involves your sexual organ.

Penis Stretching ? Lengthens the Penis

 penis exercisesHave you ever wished you are able to increase the length of your male organ? It may sound impossible but this can be achieved through penis stretching exercises.

This must be done when your penis in not in an erect state. First, you need to relax yourself. You must note that your penis is made of muscles and ligaments therefore slowly grab your flaccid organ by handling it from the base of your penis and gently pull it.

Hold your penis for as long as 10 to 15 minutes and release it. Make sure to repeat the same procedure to be more effective. You can simply stretch it straight or left and right. This routine can be repeated maximum of three times and should be performed at least three times a day for five days. The important thing here is to be aware that such procedure must not cause you any pain.

There are 2 different ways to perform stretching. Another way to stretch your penis is by doing it in an erect state. In this exercise, one must have an erect penis. Simply stretch or pull your penis gently to your left and right side doing it 5 seconds for each side pausing for only 20 seconds before entirely repeating the same steps. Just like the first stretching exercise, this erect state of stretching must be performed three times a day in five days.

Ballooning ? Strengthens the Penis

Penis sizeBallooning is considered to be one of the best male enhancement exercises known to man because it enhances the strength of male’s sexual organ.

So if you want a stronger and firmer erection when making love to your partner, don’t hesitate to practice ballooning. This may sound a bit tricky but this penis enlargement exercise requires you to hold back your urge to ejaculate.

To hold back, firmly place your palm on the head of your sex organ, by doing so you are stretching the tissues found within your penis and as a result you are increasing its size.

Jelqing Exercise ? Lengthens and Widens the Penis


Jelqing ExerciseJelqing can be done in three different ways; the warm up way, the lengthening and the widening. These three natural male enlargement exercises are also proven to be effective as it increase the length and girth of the penis. Just like the typical body exercises performed, jelqing warming up routine is simple. You need to warm up your penis so as to improve the blood circulation within which causes penis enlargement.

Once your penis is all warmed up, you can start jelqing for the purpose of increasing your penis girth. One must make use of a lubricant to avoid injuries or any painful effects of jelqing. Now, make use of the “Okay” sign grip and slowly squeeze your penis. This is done to constrict the blood flow however make sure your gripping is still comfortable enough and doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain.

Make sure that when doing the “Okay? sign grip, slowly stroke in a downward manner until you reach the base of your penis. Make sure your erection is not at its peak. Too erect penis is not advisable as it should only be semi-erect. This exercise is done only once a day for at least five days.

Jelqing to increase the length of your penis is the same process as increasing its girth. The only difference is you’re delaying the blood flow when increasing the length of your penis. Do this for only five minutes and once a day too for five days. As you can see the best male enhancement exercises can be done without spending anything.

Kegels or PC Exercise ? Strengthens Pubococcygeal Muscles

kegel exerciseOne of the most beneficial male enhancement exercises is the pubococcygeal exercise or otherwise known as the PC exercise. Some calls this the Kegel exercise.

Women also perform Kegels exercise to strengthen their vaginal muscles. Men on the other hand, strengthen their pubococcygeal muscles. This is to achieve strong erection and at the same time full control upon ejaculation.

This is done by simply holding your urine for about ten seconds mid stream. You can do this repeatedly to a maximum of ten times a day for five days. This may sound unhealthy but you don’t really have to hold your urine longer than ten seconds. This won’t hurt you at all and may not really threaten your health. As you can see, the best male enhancement exercises shown are easy to follow and are proven effective. So try this at home and see the difference after a week of exercising.


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