Top Tips On How To Improve Sex Stamina


satisfying sexSex is a physiologic need. More than that, couples need to experience satisfying sex, as this helps them keep their relationship strong. A man and woman who enjoy pleasurable lovemaking tend to be happier compared to those who are facing issues with their sex life.

In fact, poor performance in bed has led to many broken relationships. To the extent, many married couples ended up filing for divorce, because they failed to find sexual satisfaction with their partner.

There are many reasons why people can’t bring out their best performances in bed. Stress, pressures related to work, and health issues, are some, just to name a few. For women in particular, some find it hard to keep up with sex, either because they have just delivered a baby, are breastfeeding or they have their monthly periods. Hormonal fluctuations play a big role in sexual desire for a woman.

Men, on the other hand, are often not able to make their partner feel satisfied during lovemaking because of poor erections and orgasm control, or a decreased stamina. Men who are not good in the bedroom should know that there are many ways on how to improve sex stamina; taking VigRX Plus, for one.

How To Improve Sex Stamina: Making Love like A Pro

Improve Sex StaminaYou don’t need to know all the Kama Sutra moves just to have great sex. Yes, it is true that positions while making love matter. However, the most vital thing during sex is to keep your stamina high, so that you can endure the fun of the game.

If you are someone who easily gets tired even before reaching orgasm, then you have to do something about it. Not only because your partner may eventually leave you, but also because you will potentially deprive yourself from sexual pleasure if you keep your sex stamina low. Here are some more tips to help boost your sex stamina:

* Forget your stress. In order to improve your drive to make love, forget about your stressors first. These include unfinished tasks in the office or at home. Just think of how much you love that naked person in front of you. Before the actual sex, it is also vital to stay positive, as this helps relax the mind. It also pays to think of happy thoughts to help release endorphin, the love hormone.

* It’s not a race. Another tip to have more endurance in bed is to take sex slow. Most men rush things; this makes them weak even before reaching the peak of sexual bliss. It is a must to give importance to a sensual foreplay, gradual penetration, and then that explosive climax. The use of desensitizing cream or spray also helps. This product numbs the sensation in the penis, giving men the chance to control their orgasm.

* Stay in the moment. Controlling what you think is also one of the ways on how to improve sex stamina. When having sex, remember to free your mind. Focus on giving your partner a great sex and do not talk about things that may distract the both of you. In addition, in order to last longer in bed, have sex more often. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”; this also applies to improving your sex stamina.

Enhancing Sex Stamina Through Healthy Habits

It’s amazing how much living a healthy lifestyle can improve your sex life. You don’t have to do all three of these steps at once, but if you do, you’ll see results much quicker:

*Healthy Habits Eat a sexy diet. If you want to enjoy a satisfying sex life and experience a lasting relationship, then be careful with your food choices.
Avoid foods that are high in fats, salts and sugar, as they may impede your blood flow. Remember that your penis is unable to erect properly if it has a poor blood supply.
Also, pick foods that are high in protein, as these give you the energy you need to endure in bed.

* Move it or lose it. Yes, sex is the best form of exercise; however, to make the most of your experience in bed, you need to have enough energy and stamina to enjoy sex. There is where the need to have regular workout sets in. Aerobic exercises three times a week, for instance, promotes blood flow and supplies the oxygen you need in order to increase your stamina during lovemaking.

* Try a natural supplement. Consider taking a natural supplement, like VigRX Plus. This male enhancement pill is potent in improving the quality of erections. It also enhances sex drive within only few months of regular use. Furthermore, because of its natural and organic ingredients, you are sure to enjoy an increase in sexual stamina. Some of the herbs that it contains are saw palmetto berry and damiana leaf.

If you are curious of how effective this product is, then it is about time that you educate yourself. Here’s what some satisfied users have to say:

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